Name: Fran Abbott

About me:

I discovered Mindfulness after leaving my beloved teaching career, due to ME/cfs. I had suffered for many years and could not see a way out of the pain, mental fatigue and lack of joy in life.  Breathworks changed all that for me.  I decided to attend an 8-week Mindfulness for Health Course in 2016 and the rest is history. I have now returned to teaching and manage my symptoms extremely well, with the help of my new found tools and strategies. I was so convinced by this non-invasive therapy, I decided to train with Breathworks. Consequently, I am now an accredited Mindfulness Teacher and have provided Mindfulness in my workplace to staff and students. I am trained to teach the Mindfulness for Health Course and the Mindfulness for Stress Course and can provide to groups, private organisations, education, one-to-one sessions and community workshops. When I'm not being 'mindfully still' I am an artist, calligrapher and poetry reader.

Region: Greater Manchester

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc, mis

City: Lancashire

Phone mobile 07910 429678


County: greater-manchester

Country: united-kingdom



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