Name: Emma Wardropper

About me:

I have been practising mindfulness for 7 years and feel very grateful for the benefits it has brought to my life.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001 when I was 22 and regularly practicing Mindfulness has such a positive effect on how I manage and live with disability.

Whilst working in a HR corporate role, I completed my Mindfulness Teacher Training with and started to introduce it into my workplace.  Since leaving the corporate world in 2016 I have worked as a Mindfulness Teacher running regular mindfulness courses to the general public and in various private sector, public sector and charitable organizations (including The MS Society and Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation). I also hold 1:1 Mindfulness training for individuals and 1:1 Psychotherapy sessions. I enjoy speaking at various events to talk about my experience of introducing Mindfulness into organisations and the overall benefits of practicing.

I work in the Present Mind team along with my two colleagues to help others feel more physically and emotionally well and generally more happy and content.

After completing the Mindfulness Teacher Training course in 2015 I’ve deepened my own practice and Mindfulness Teacher skills and qualified as a Breathworks teacher in 2019.

Region: Nottinghamshire

Specialisms: mfhc, mfsc, mitw, coaching, onetoone, other

Facebook: @PresentMindPM

Other special: Psychotherapy

City: Nottingham

Phone mobile 07971153790


Other country: Lincolnshire

County: nottinghamshire

Country: united-kingdom



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